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Stats and Statuses Teens and Social Media

Social media has become an increasingly common part of day to day life, for both teens and adults. Widespread adoption of smartphones, coupled with social media platforms tailored to these devices, means that limitless amounts of curated content is a tap away. What does all this mean for teens? This report provides an overview of use of social media among Canadian teens aged 12 to 17, including a deeper dive into teens using Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.


"Pushing Buttons" Youth and Video Games

Following a rapid rise in interest during the seventies, video games have quickly become one of the most popular mediums of entertainment. Many who grew up playing video games in arcades or with early home consoles now have children of their own that are beginning to discover this digital pastime. Are the youth of today a new generation of gamers?


“Listening into” how kids consume audio content

From childhood, to adolescence, adulthood and beyond, Canadians love music. This type of content is more available than ever between an array of music streaming services, podcasts and the longstanding and widespread availability of AM/FM radios. In a crowded media landscape such as this one, how do today’s youth consume audio in the year 2019? This report provides an overview of OTT amongst kids under 18 in the Anglophone market.


Kids on the Dial Youth and Radio

Maybe it was on the way to school, while out and about shopping, or before bed, but regardless of where, Canadian kids are still listening to the radio. AM/FM radio is roughly as popular as music streaming services among children aged 2 to 17. Digging a little deeper, some kids show more interest than others.

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Kids And TV Where does TV fit in the media diet?

The TV set has been raising our children for years. However, with the advent of the Internet, kids have more options for consuming content. With services like Netflix and YouTube available, are kids still making use of linear TV? And if so, are the still using the TV set or are they watching TV content online?


“Just Kidding Around" How Canadian youth like to spend their spare time

In a modern era, youth have more and more things competing for their attention. Growing up alongside significant changes in media and technology means that childhood today is a very different experience than even a decade ago. With so many possibilities available, we surveyed Canada’s youth aged 2 to 17 years old to find out how they like to spend their spare time.

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Tots, teens, and OTTs Analysis of the Anglophone Market of children aged 2 to 17

Over-the-top services have found their ways into a majority of Canadian households. Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video and others host large libraries of licensed and original programming, including sizeable portions that cater specifically to children and teens. Available on many of the same devices as YouTube, but offering content similar to broadcast TV, how are these streaming services used by the youth of today?


Kids Watching YouTube Unboxing a Phenomenon

TV and video content has long appealed greatly to Canadian children. While at one time choices were largely limited to linear TV, Canadian kids can now choose from myriad online sources to get the content that they want. YouTube in particular has emerged as being a major source of video content, finding significant success due to an endless amount of content that is largely free and available on nearly all WiFi enabled devices. This report provides an overview of YouTube viewing amongst kids under 18 in the Anglophone market.


Sneak Peek

Approximately 20% of the Canadian population are children under the age of 18. MTM Jr. looks at the latest technology and media trends for shaping the lives of 2-17 year olds today. Here are a few key findings from Canada's first annual MTM Jr. study!

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Families and Technology Analysis of the Anglophone Market

Media technologies have shifted drastically in the last decade alone, giving rise to innovative new ways to access content. It is vital to understand how mediums like OTT services and the dominance of smartphones has had a broader impact on media usage in families. This report profiles Anglophone families and their ownership of media technology.


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